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Recruitment at the intersection of Life Sciences and Business Excellence.

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5063 North Service Road, Suite 200   Burlington, Ontario

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A 20+ year track-record of success!

MMGI is a recruiting agency that specializes in supporting the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotech and Medical Start-up companies, essentially the Life Sciences industries. Our network of key contacts, unique process and years of experience enables our team to work with the most promising and high-growth companies and candidates within industry today. Located in Burlington, Ontario, MMGI has developed a recruiting and client relationship process that differentiates us from others in our industry. We live this space and our network of candidates and clients depend on us for our ability to uncover opportunity and talent.

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Business Meeting

Supporting our Clients

Proactive Search, Recruiting and HeadHunting

While other recruiters post job titles and job descriptions and wait we actively meet and speak with our candidates to learn and understand their skills, experience and motivations.

Once a candidate is identified to be a strong fit for a mandate we have the information and have taken the time to develop the relationship to be as an Influencer. This is a key differentiator with many recruiter in industry enabling our company to deliver top talent who are not checking job posts. 

Our process enables us to deliver candidates from day 1 of a search and most all targeted candidates will be presented within 10 business days. - We always present candidates who fit the mandate criteria, the company and challenges facing the role.

Core Areas:

- Medical Affairs

- Sales & Marketing

- Market Access

- Clinical Research

- Regulatory, PV, Med Info, Quality Control and Assurance

If you are looking for the best talent in any of these area's, reach out to discover excellence.


Supporting Candidates

Our Process

Our search process is an ongoing process of continually networking, touching base and developing long-term relationships with candidates beginning with:

1. Evaluating your accomplishments;

2. Developing an understanding of your strengths;

3. Identifying career aspirations and potential.

This active process of meeting with candidates within our industry of focus gives us the competitive edge of being able to immediately identify candidates who are top talent.

The benefit to our candidates is that our clients recognize us to be knowledgeable in our core recruiting area’s.  The assessment of candidates that we present to our clients is influential enabling our candidates to be presented with a small number of elite candidates who can all fit the demands of the role.  Our clients job is to choose the candidate who best fits the team they will be joining.



Ana McGovern started McGovern Management Group in 1998 after 7 years working at agency.  With a focus on the Life Sciences and a network of the top employers and candidates in industry, Ana has an unparalleled ability to understand a mandate's requirements and deliver top candidates on the market today. 

Kevin Maguire joined McGovern Management Group in 2003, after 10+ years in business development with a focus on understanding clients needs and developing multi-year, multi-million business service solutions.  Kevin takes the time to understand your business needs and has the networking, client/candidate engagement skills to identify the right fit.

Our synergies enable McGovern Management Group to identify, influence and deliver the best talent on the market today.

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