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The Value we Offer

Visibility - Relationship - Time

VISIBILITY:  With our recruiting process and over 20 years of recruiting & networking in the Life Sciences industry we raise your companies profile with qualified & targeted candidates that are not necessarily looking, but are the right fit for your mandate. We call it "Visibility with a Voice." While social media plays a role in your recruiting mix, as seasoned recruiters and head-hunter’s we get powerful results by connecting and having a live conversation with targeted candidates yielding an elite group of qualified candidates for you to choose from.

RELATIONSHIP:  Creating a relationship built on trust and communications with our candidates allows us to really understand what is important to our candidates.  Understanding their "Criteria for Change" yields powerful results including preparing you to attract qualified candidates in this very competitive hiring environment.  Building a trusting & communicative relationship with candidates puts us in a stronger position to anticipate and overcome issues like competitive offers.  By investing in upfront communications with candidates we recognize possible issues and address them early-on saving time through the life cycle of a mandate.

TIME:  Our turn-around time is usually 10 to 20 business days:  usually, you will start receiving your first candidates within 5 to 10 business days and the chosen candidate is commonly presented within 5 to 20 days from the beginning of the search.

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