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Coaching Testimonials

Kevin Maguire from MMGI has been an asset to the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation (PHMI) diploma program at Queen's University. His involvement in vetting CVs and interviewing candidates at the early stages ensured that our industry partners would be eager to onboard admitted students as interns. Kevin came to Queen's and gave students a presentation on how to excel at pharmaceutical company interviews. He then went above and beyond by breaking students up into smaller groups and working on sample interview questions. This format was an excellent way for students to gain further insights from Kevin, but also to provide each other feedback and learn from their own strengths and weaknesses. Students shared unanimously positive feedback about their sessions, and all admitted they felt better prepared for their upcoming interviews. Kevin is a wealth of information and experience, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to his continued support in current and future offerings of the PHMI program.

Dr. Tomás Baldassarre

Professor Adjunct and Course Development Associate, Faculty of Health Sciences

Ph.D. Biochemistry, Queen's University

My name is Aravind. I am an international medical graduate and a pharmaceutical professional with close to 6 years of experience of working in emerging markets. After coming to Canada I registered myself for a graduate diploma course with Queens University. This is where I met Kevin. Kevin is one of the instructors in the program. His expertise is in preparing students for interviews with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. He helps them make a transition from academic research setting to a corporate world. I still remember his lecture at Queen`s University where he elaborately discussed the interview process from hiring managers point of view. I made notes of almost everything he presented that day. To tell you frankly most of them came true in my interviews. I gave close to 8-10 interviews back to back over 15 days in Toronto and Montreal. It was in those interviews I realized how beneficial his presentation was.  He also assisted in my onboarding giving me the right insights at the perfect time. I recommend others to make best use of his vast recruiting experience.

Aravind Patil

Medical Advisor, Taiho Pharmaceuticals

Thank you for preparing and leading an excellent (Lifesciences Interview Preparation) session, Kevin!  I can tell you firsthand through my subsequent work with one of the students whom I mentor, your insights, expertise and advice have been taken to heart.  I definitely learned a few things myself!  Thanks for allowing me to play a role.

Stephen Dukacz

Medical Director, Pfizer

I want to express my gratitude for your guidance and 'accompaniment' throughout this Roche position process. At all times, you have provided me with the information I need to assess and decide what is best for my professional career and my family, without any undue pressure or bias. I thank you for all your coaching and time and I am happy that you have been a right 'sherpa' for me.

Dr. Jose Garnica, Market Access Director, Seoul, South Korea

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